Re Think On Pentest Lab – We Go Totally Open Source

Having played around with my previous Virtual Pentest Lab and found it more than up to the job, Citrix’s Xenserver is after all the best Virtualisation system around and for not very much money or free if you don’t need the fancy extra’s – I have a 2 node Xenserver system with an OPenFiler SAN at the office without the essentials licence and it makes life sooooo easy.

Anyways we digress, back to my home Pentest lab, well I go back to the day job, because another virtualisation system I have setup at the office is a fantastic product created by the guys at Proxmox –

They have put together this fantastic completely Open Source Bare Metal Virtualisation system, just download the CD and whack it in your server and run the install and after a few minutes you have a fully functioning system.

See the weblink for the low down, but trust me this is the business, there are pre-built appliances, OS images the real deal.

I have 2 Z61p laptops now as a 2 node cluster, this at the moment has no shared storage for live migration but this is in hand – still have the ASUS EEPC hacktop running the fabulous BackTrack 4.

I can run Windows guests using KVM and Linux guests using OpenVZ containers, near instant on appliances.

Give it a try and watch this space for future developments.


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