RandomStorm – Security Products & Services

Just had a phone conversation with a company called RandomStorm – this name rang a bell but I couldn’t remember where from.

Anyways just had a quick look see on their website www.randomstorm.com and they have some interesting stuff.

They even sent me a trial of one of their products ‘xStorm’ which is a cloud based security scanner, so I’ll give this a look over and tell you all what I find in a future post.

They’ve also got an appliance based Vulnerability scanner, appliance based IDS, Wifi intrusion detection and Log and File management products.

There is a couple of free tools to download too, one of which is RSMangler will take a wordlist and perform various manipulations on it similar to those done by John the Ripper with a few extras.

They are also appearing at the 360IT show @ Earls Court next week, might have to pop down and take a look.



One thought on “RandomStorm – Security Products & Services

  1. Hi, be sure to pop down and I will be more than happy to take you through what RandomStorm can offer.

    I am down at the show Wednesday and Thursday morning and then travelling to BruCon Thursday afternoon.

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