Microsoft, Adobe – Get Your Act Together

Having just read a post on one of my favorite blogs Attack Vector about the recent developments surrounding the new Adobe Reader 0day, here is the link to Matts excellent argument for all of us to sing the praises of open source or not so well known software applications that fulfill the same purpose as the over priced over vulnerable offerings from Microsoft and Adobe.

For that matter moving to a safer OS,(Linux), would also be more preferable for the majority of people who just wanna surf the net, type a few documents etc, without the fear of losing all their money, their identity and being blacklisted by credit agencies.

Whats more is these folks have no clue about security and keeping their Windows box safe on the internet, nor should they, its up to the vendors of the software to ensure their users are safe – if this were another industry, say the car industry, Microsoft and Adobe would be bankrupt with the lawsuits against them.

Also, if they were half decent at programming safely then there might not need to be Anti Virus ‘Bloat’ware and ‘Anti This That & The Other’ and Windows might actually be a decent product.

I have to think that the software they sell is ‘Not Fit For Purpose’ sometimes.

What do you think?

Please comment, if you feel the need.


2 thoughts on “Microsoft, Adobe – Get Your Act Together

  1. Thanks for the plug and glad you enjoy my blog. I definitely agree with you that developers need to get their acts together before releasing a final product.

    I think the problem is that these companies are in such a hurry to get to market that solid, secure code is often an after thought. Technically, it’s probably cheaper for them to allow the masses to test their software for them and then handle the bug reports as they come in, rather than hiring an entire staff to sit there and fuzz it/try to break it in some fashion.

    The end result, though, is that we’re stuck in a situation where most companies rely on these pieces of software to function, so they can either continue to use it and face the consequences of doing so, or find some kind of a work around, which often times there isn’t one.

    I think if more people put a spotlight on these companies that are producing just terrible code, they’d either learn to start writing decent code, or sink.

    But, it’s probably a pipe dream.. I mean, look at Microsoft. They get the award for the most vulnerable code ever produced, yet their market share has barely suffered.


    1. I think we have become victims of our own doing to some extent, these companies announce a product, hype it up, make it so shinny and a must have, and Bingo they’ve got a massive product (Windows 7, iPad,iPhone etc).
      Everyone jumps on the band wagon so their guys in Finance say ‘Hey lets get the users to test this thing properly’ we’ll save some money!!!
      If people thought about waiting a while till they ironed out the bugs then things might be different, these companies might start writing safe code. Make em earn their millions instead of us doing it for them, were are our royalties when we report a bug to them!!!!

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