RSMangler – Free Tool from RandomStorm

In my previous post I mentioned a company called RandomStorm and some of the products they have, well one of those products is free and its called RSMangler, basically is word-list generator with a few extras, that can be used with tools like John The Ripper.


Its incredibly easy to use and creates really excellent word-lists in no time all.

You can download it from the website, RSMangler.

Anyways extract the tarball and make the rsmangler.rb executable

root@bt:/home/root/downloads/rsmangler# chmod +x rsmangler.rb
As you will see the program when given no options spits out its options list.

Here is a quick example to get started

first create a wordlist input file, how ever you choose, I prefer nano but any editor will do.

So we have a small word-list, now we execute ./rsmangler.rb to create our word-list, by default every option is enabled, to turn off options add the appropriate option to the command line.

I have piped my word-list to a new file called new_wordlist.txt or you can just output to the screen if you want.

./rsmangler.rb –file wordlist.txt > new_wordlist.txt

As will see the program creates the word-lists in double quick time, some pages from my test new_wordlist.txt are shown below.

This tool should help anyone trying to crack passwords and/or usernames, especially when if you have some clues as to the types of passwords/usernames are used by a website or network.

Happy hacking.


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