Maybe We Should Not Use Adobe Reader – Looking For An Alternative

After the recent emergency out of cycle patch of Adobe Reader (again!), maybe we should be looking toward finding a better solution to the problem – the fact that Adobe cannot write secure software.

Yeah I know they are releasing Reader X with ‘sandboxing’ la la la, link here to article on ThreatPost,  but maybe they should just write some decent secure code – its only a document viewer after all!

After doing a bit of research and having some experience using alternate PDF readers, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are other better more secure applications.

There is 1 application in particular – Evince – the 1 included with Ubuntu and other Gnome distro’s, I have found only 1 advisory listed on Exploitdb where as Adobe Reader, Exploitdb lists 9 and visit the Adobe site and search for advisories and you’ll be amazed how many there are listed.

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Intrusion Detection Using PFSense Firewall

Recently I had the need to re visit IDS/IPS systems, mainly to refresh my knowledge and bring myself up-to date with new developments etc etc.

I decided to use this opportunity to build myself a ‘Proper’ firewall for my home network, and give my trusty Netgear DG 834 a well earned rest.

I already had an old Compaq PC to run this Firewall on, nothing special just an old desktop pc with a 2ghz Celeron CPU and 2gb RAM – small and quiet.

I had to get me an ADSL modem to allow me to use the PC as a Firewall, so I bought a Netgear DM111P ADSL 2+ Modem, this is just an ADSL bridge and connects to the WAN side of the Firewall.

Anyways I first had to find me a Firewall distro, after what seem like an age, trawling the net, downloading ISO’s an running them up on VirtualBox to check them out and if they had the required functionality – I found this absolute gem of a Firewall distro pfSense.

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Foolish Reliance On AntiVirus Software

I recently received an email from another Sys Admin pushing the idea of a single corporate  Anti Virus Solution and the importance of getting it in place ASAP and having a single Management console for Reporting, Management etc etc.

Now knowing what I know about this guys company I had to compile a little list of things he might think about or consider implementing before he puts all his eggs in this really rather ‘hole’ y basket.

As far as I know this guys company has few if any of the following suggestions or security polices in place, and I’m sure this is true of many companies in the world.

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