New Metasploit Goodness – ms11_xxx_ie_css_import Exploit

This exploit is fresh from the guys at Metasploit, jduck to be precise.

Just had to give this a run out.

First off get the latest svn of Metasploit

Next start up msfconsole, and load the exploit up.

Have a quick look see at the info about the exploit.

These are the options we need to set in order for the exploit to work.

We need a PAYLOAD, I chose the usual windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp.

So we fill in the blanks, LHOST=, SRVHOST= and LPORT=.

Run the exploit and on the victim browse to the url stated on in the exploit.

All of the above will flash across the screen and a lovely meterpreter session awaits you.

Game Over as is usual with Metasploit.

Test subject was a fully patched Windows XP Pro with IE 8.


5 thoughts on “New Metasploit Goodness – ms11_xxx_ie_css_import Exploit

  1. stops at the line [*] Sending windows/browser/ms11_xxx_ie_css_import CSS to (target: Internet Explorer 8)…

    What should I do?

    1. It could be many things, but here are some starting points, does the victim PC have Anti Virus installed?, it may have picked up the exploit.
      Has your attacker PC got a firewall turned on? and if so does it have rules in place for the ports needed for the exploit to work, 4444 & 8080 in my example.
      Hope this helps.

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