ms11_xxx_ie_css_import – Windows 7 Session

After the first test of this exploit on my Windows XP Pro victim, I decided to try my hand at a Windows 7 victim.

So I fired up my fully patched Windows 7 Ultimate victim and browsed over to the exploit website and got……..blah no session.

OK back to the drawing board, what if I change the payload me thinks…..

So many to choose from, so I picked one kinda randomly with a hunch about a shell, and chose windows/shell/reverse_tcp_dns, don’t ask me why just plucked it out of the air.

Exploit the victim again….

An error blah, but hold on ………..

A session!!!!!

Just a little clean up now required to remove the error, need to set the InitialAutoRunScript to “” and we should be good to go.

And here is the fruits……

Game Over


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