Safe To Hack Site List

I’ve just added a new page to the blog, it basically gives a list of ‘Safe To Hack’ sites.

On these sites you can test out your skills or  ‘gen up’ on techniques.

I will try to add to the list over time, and if anyone has any I haven’t got please leave a comment and I’ll add them.

Safe To Hack Sites

Enjoy the hack!!


Web Form Password Brute Force with FireForce

I spent many hours today playing around with DVWA – (Damn Vulnerable Web App), from Randomstorm, brushing up on my web app pentesting skills, to be honest its been a long time and I really need to get back on top of this.

Anyways, after going through all the usual SQL injection, XSS stuff I thought I’d have a go at the brute forcing part of the app.

Well after what seemed like days I gave up, with little or no success – I’d tried the usual suspect for ‘bruting’ the password – Hydra.

Until I Googled around and found a Firefox addon called ‘Fireforce’ the article that I found is here Dark Reading

The website for the tool is here SCRT ,there is a manual in english too. Continue reading “Web Form Password Brute Force with FireForce”