Update to Metasploit Framework v4.10.1-dev – Changes needed.

The recent update to Metasploit Framework 4.10.1-dev, brought in some changes, but some stuff stopped working for me.
Firstly the new changes required me to copy my database.yml file into a newly created folder in the frameworks directory.
This is fixed simply by copying the existing database.yml file in to the new folder

cp /opt/framework/database.yml /opt/framework/config/database.yml

Another change simply stopped my custom msfconsole.rc file being loaded. I use the file to automatically load the pentest and nessus plugins by Carlos Perez ;https://github.com/darkoperator?tab=repositories

And to change the prompt in the console so it tells me my local ip address and how many sessions and jobs are running.

load pentest
load nessus
load history
set PROMPT %blu%T %redS:%S %yelJ:%J %redIP:%L %grn msf

Anyway the way to make this load at run time is done by the following command;

msfconsole -r /root/.msf4/msfconsole.rc

Another issue has come to light today, which I’m not affected by, unless I just run

msfconsole or ./msfconsole

the newer version of metasploit requires a database to be setup and be running, you can bypass the error if you don’t want to have a database setup by running;


or as I do, use a small shell scriptlocated in /usr/local/bin, which takes care of starting and stopping thepostgresql server as required.


systemctl start postgresql
cd /opt/framework&lt
./msfconsole -y database.yml -r /root/.msf4/msfconsole.rc
systemctl stop postgresq

This should make things work as they previously did.
If your file and folder locations for the framework are different make sure you substitute them into the the commands.