Anti Virus Evasion Techniques

Recently I’ve been playing around with various methods for evading Anti Virus, when deploying a payload to a victim, either through Metasploit or other means.

It seems the AV vendors are targeting the standard Metasploit methods of  encoding payloads, so we have to be a bit more devious to get the payload onto our victim.

What I’m not going to do tho is give you direct AV avoidance commands, I have not put any of these payloads through Virus Total – thats up to you, I’m just trying to show you how it is possible and you should experiment on your own systems and not someone else’s – after all it is illegal.

There are a few avenues I’m gonna explore in this post, from standard Metasploit encoding thro multi encoding payloads and IExpress.

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Foolish Reliance On AntiVirus Software

I recently received an email from another Sys Admin pushing the idea of a single corporate  Anti Virus Solution and the importance of getting it in place ASAP and having a single Management console for Reporting, Management etc etc.

Now knowing what I know about this guys company I had to compile a little list of things he might think about or consider implementing before he puts all his eggs in this really rather ‘hole’ y basket.

As far as I know this guys company has few if any of the following suggestions or security polices in place, and I’m sure this is true of many companies in the world.

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