Installing Metasploit Framework GIT version

Recently with the release of Metasploit 4.5 the developers changed they way the framework is updated, previously it used to be done via ‘svn’, but due to various reasons it has been changed to be updated via ‘git’.

Also the developers chose to change the ‘Community’ version somewhat, they removed a large chunk of code that was kinda duplicated, this and other changes has altered the update frequency of the framework. The Community version now only receives updated modules etc on a weekly basis as the updates are QA’ed in the same way the Pro version is. The Community version also has to be activated to allow it to be updated also.

There is a way still to allow developers, pentesters or guys who just want the latest version. It follows the the ‘old way’ were the framework shipped without the database, but with support to connect to one.

I’ll show you here how to set up the git version of the framework, I did this on my pentesting laptop which runs Arch Linux, but as the framework is written in ‘ruby’ it should follow the same for any distro.

First off we need to install git, if you don’t already have it installed

sudo pacman -S git

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